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Workplace Giving

You can also give through our workplace giving campaign, managed by Community Shares. Get connected to different affordable healthcare plans with support, information, education, resources, and more.


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Workplace giving allows you to make gifts through payroll contributions. With recurring gifts taken out of each paycheck, you can spread your total donation out over the year, which can make it possible for you to give more than you might be able to at one time. Many employers match gifts made through workplace giving, so you could even double or triple the size of your gift!

The Center for African American Health is a member agency of Community Shares of Colorado. Community Shares connects individuals, just like YOU, to the charities they care about most by allowing them to make gifts through incremental payroll contributions. Incremental giving allows every person to be a philanthropist by removing the burden of one-time larger gifts and spreading donations throughout the year. Since the decision to donate only needs to be made once, workplace giving provides a manageable way to invest in your community, and it also allow employers to make a direct impact.

Designate The Center for African American Health as a recipient of your workplace giving campaign! Our Campaign Code is 5231

Please note that we can only acknowledge your donation if your employer shares your name with us, so donations are not anonymous to our organization. For more information on Workplace Giving or starting a Workplace Giving campaign at your company, visit Community Shares of Colorado  or email the Director of Community Giving, Genevieve Laca, at

We invite your support for the programs and services we provide.